Thursday, November 4, 2010

17 yr old Lakrea

About Lakrea
Lakrea's Bio Lakrea Clark is a talented and dedicated 17 year-old singer/songwriter. She has been singing ever since she was a little girl, but started her dream career at 12 years old. At the young age of 12 was also the year she recorded her first song off of her first album after months of singing cover music. Now she is starting on her second album, but this time writing her own music and composing of it in the studio as well. Her experiences in the studio are a great number and again she has learned to arrange her own music and write it on her own. Lakrea's writing has progressed into something wonderful and will continue to grow tremendously. Lakrea is also enhancing her skills as a piano player. She has had several recitals and plans to master the piano within the next three years. Lakrea's first performance was also when she was twelve and her performance and vocal abilities have grown stronger and stronger, maintaining practices and exercise plans everyday for a little over three years since then. Lakrea has much experience with performing on stage many times at small and large venues. She has performed in her home town as well as out of state performances such as Las Vegas, New York, Nebraska and many more etc. She has been getting a lot of radio plays here in Austin and in some other states as well and continues to promote herself anytime, anywhere, and everywhere. So her music finds a way to get around. Lakrea also has other interests next to singing too like acting and modeling. Lakrea has been a featured extra (main classroom-student) in the movie "Will" staring HighSchoolMusical's Vanessa Hudgens. She has also had experience in taking Theatre Arts classes. Lakrea does Print modeling and also wishes to do more at some point and time along with her singing. She loves singing more than anything and loves everything about it. She's willing to work as hard as it takes to get where she wants to be and won't let anything stop her. She's determined and ready to work more and more everyday!